Development Roadmap

Genesis Release

Accord SDK v1.0 Features

  • Universal File Transfer framework - enable the development of applications with multi-protocol file transfer capabilities
    • Initially providing the OFTPv2 implementation
  • Odette FTP Library API - complete implementation of the Odette FTP 2.0 standard (first open source OFTP component; 100% in Java)
  • Odette FTP Component for Apache Camel (with OFTP2 support)
  • UN/EDIFACT to XML Transformation Engine (codename Alkimia) - multiple message type converter component library allowing to perform bidirectional transformation from UN/EDIFACT to XML

Accord Wire v1.0 Features

  • Full support of Odette FTP 2.0 specification (RFC5024)
  • Command Line based app interface with ability to execute file transfers (batch mode)
  • XML-based configuration of trading partner connections
  • Document type based exchange configuration (per file matcher)
  • Use of secure digital certificates based on X.509 standard to provide Privacy, Authentication, Integrity and Non-repudiation
  • Support for multiple trading partner connections
  • Support for concurrent connections for exchanging data with multiple trading partner
  • File compression support
  • Checkpoint and restart of file transfers support
  • Ability to easily perform on exchanging files over 2GB of size
  • Event handling mechanism allowing the configuration of specific tasks on file transfer events (sent, received, interrupted, delivery acknowledgement, ...)
  • Transport communication over TCP/IP and X.25 Gateway (More DataBit protocol)
  • Detailed logs of sessions, file transfers and delivery acknowledgments
  • Provide and consume file based delivery acknowledgment seeds
  • Embeddable file transfer capability for third-party applications via API or Batch-mode integration

Accord Server v1.0 Features

  • File Transfer server with centralized control and based on the store-and-forward method
  • Server control and administration via Command Line and Remote Shell
  • Restricted users access for server administration based on JAAS
  • Full support of Odette FTP 2.0 specification (RFC5024)
  • Allow to setup multiple inbound receiver agents (listeners) to attend for connections
  • Support multiple, inbound and outbound, trading partner connectivity
  • File compression support
  • Checkpoint and restart of file transfers support
  • Ability to easily perform on exchanging files over 2GB of size
  • Minimalist infrastructure dependencies
  • Auditing and monitoring - log records of sessions, file transfers, delivery acknowledgments and administrative operations
  • Adaptive and event-drive integration with backoffice applications
  • Extend streaming I/O file transfer capability to business applications and application servers for bulk data movement in a secure fashion
  • Identity system for fileBoxes accounts authentication and certificate management
  • Additional functionalities support by extending the server core framework and defining execution processes, based on
  • File Transfer processes automation and scheduling
  • Checking duplicate file transfer option
  • Alerts notifications