Project Structure


ModuleSVN PathDescription
WIRE/wire/trunkFile transfer client used by applications (via programmatic means) and by humans for collaboration, with full OFTP2 support, mainly used for tight integration with a server product.
SERVER/server/trunkCentralized file transfer server with full support of OFTP2, including the ability to manage all aspects of the file transfer, application programming interfaces (APIs) and adapters, and streaming input/output.
EDGE/edge/trunkProxy application used to conceal the true IP addresses and ports of a sender and recipient, deployed in a DMZ for abstracting other elements of the infrastructure.


ModuleSVN PathDescription
Odette FTP Library API/components/trunk/accord-oftp-apiImplementation of the Odette FTP 2.0 standard.
Universal File Transfer/components/trunk/accord-filetransferMulti-protocol file transfer framework for application development.
Universal File Transfer OFTP Impl/components/trunk/accord-filetransfer-oftpProvider of OFTP2 implementation for the Universal File Transfer framework.
OFTP Camel Component/components/trunk/accord-camel-oftpCommunication component for Apache Camel with OFTP2 support.
ISDN Transport for Netty/components/trunk/accord-isdn-nettyCAPI 2.0 (native and remote) based implementation of ISDN transport for JBoss Netty.
XOT Transport for Netty/components/trunk/accord-xot-codecX.25 over TCPIP Transport for Netty and MINA.
Edifact-to-Xml Engine/components/trunk/accord-alkimiaBi-directional UN/EDIFACT-to-XML converter with support of multiple message type definitions.